Five tips to use the WhatsApp customer service platform

Five tips to use the WhatsApp customer service platform



In today’s world, customers are essential. One little mistake, and boom, you’re out of business. Customers want quick responses, meaningful solutions, and personalized conversations. However, many companies still use the same old chatbot on an online platform that hardly works. There are many businesses out there, unaware of the new day apps. These applications save time and increase productivity. 

One such fantastic platform is WhatsApp. Its capabilities and hi-tech features make the customer service process smooth. Many businesses are already using WhatsApp as their customer service channel. This platform offers customers a chance to talk with companies in real-time. The main reason behind switching to WhatsApp is the features. It is a flexible app with various features that can improve marketing. Some features are product catalog, status, reminders, automated reply feature, chatbot, broadcasting, and more. 

WhatsApp allows customers to build friendly relationships with business organizations. Its features help build trust, benefit businesses, and increase the probability of converting potential clients into consumers. We will be discussing the WhatsApp customer service platform as a whole here. 

Why to use WhatsApp as a customer service platform?

  • WhatsApp also has a business API version with a tailored customer support system. It comes with advanced features like auto-reply, product catalog, and proactive messages, making it an ideal tool for customer service. 
  • The features of this app make your daily load simple. You can use this application to share rich multimedia, like pictures or videos of your products. You can share discounts or promotions on your WhatsApp status or in a WhatsApp group. You can also send messages in bulk and reach multiple people at once. WhatsApp also supports many global languages, which makes it an international platform. 
  • Creating a greeting or welcome message is another fantastic thing about WhatsApp. Only the new customers who have enquired for the first time receive these messages. This method attracts customers and makes interaction more enjoyable. WhatsApp is one of the few platforms that offers real-time engagement with your consumers. You can interact with them, build relationships, resolve their queries, and enhance their satisfaction.
  • The auto-reply feature offers prompt responses to queries. The chatbot and automated replies are available 24/7. Using this feature saves time while increasing the chances of converting leads into customers. 
  • You can also have a product catalog among the various features of WhatsApp. Add images or information about your services. Another feature is working hours. You can add your working hours and have a message for when you’re not available or away. 
  • One main reason behind it being a popular customer service platform is its security. WhatsApp has an end-to-end inscription and never shares conversations with third-party apps. The communication that takes place remains only between the receiver and the sender. 

The points mentioned above provide enough proof as to why WhatsApp is a famous customer service platform. The entire application is filled with unique features and is highly secure. Now, why would any client not want a safe yet easy-to-use platform? 

Let’s learn the five tips for using the WhatsApp customer service platform.

Install WhatsApp business or WhatsApp business API and set up your business profile. Then, remember to share your WhatsApp number or code on other social media platforms. It is crucial, as customers across different channels can reach your business. 

  1. Respond to messages quickly – Use a chatbot or Automated replies feature to enhance the customer service experience. Customers want quick responses; do not leave them waiting. Instant responses will save you time and Increase the chances of converting a lead. With WhatsApp’s automation feature, you can create a greeting message; it makes interaction more engaging. A chatbot or automated replies is crucial if you have an international business. WhatsApp Chatbots can also provide quick responses to frequently asked queries. The chatbot and automated reply feature are available 24/7. And they do create an impact on engagement rates. The AI chatbot can personalize and send proactive messages to customers. These features make work easy and reduce the extra load on employees. 
  2. Keep the language of your messages simple and easy to understand- Customers appreciate short and to-the-point messages despite WhatsApp being a platform to connect with friends and family. Be professional and formal in your interaction. Avoid using offensive or abusive language, slang, and jargon. Follow etiquette and do not make the customer feel uncomfortable.
  3. Use WhatsApp features and updates properly- You can have appointment reminders, sale announcements, back-in-stock alerts, order confirmations, discount alerts, and more. You can individually set these reminders or use the status option to share. You can also share alerts or notifications in a group (or community) or bulk at once. These features get more work done and save time. One of the latest features of WhatsApp is the payment option. You can now book an appointment and purchase and pay on the spot. It is much better than switching to different websites for a product.
  4. Utilize the multimedia feature – One of the primary reasons why people opt for WhatsApp is the rich multimedia feature. it supports multimedia formats, such as documents, images, videos, and GIFs. You can make customer interaction more engaging by sharing product pictures or a cute video. Always remember that visuals are appealing. Those who might not come with a text message may enquire because of an exciting video. Another great is that WhatsApp supports voice and video calls. Consumers can directly interact with the employees over call and get quick solutions to their issues. 
  5. Link to a product catalog- You would want to save time sending consumers information about products or services individually. For this purpose, link a product catalog to your WhatsApp business profile. Many customers would like to browse through the services or products you sell. You can also add information about your service with images and videos. They can ask queries related to the service and make clear decisions. 


WhatsApp is a secure and trusted platform. Unlike other platforms, it has the latest features and updates. It supports multimedia and has a voice and video call option. it is available internationally. And one can interact in different languages over this platform. Billions of people use this application because of its security feature (i.e., end-to-end encryption). WhatsApp is available in various business versions, such as WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API. 

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